Iphone radio - How does it work.

Community Help: Iphone radio - How to get this free on your iphone.

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Many people wonder why the iphone doesn't have radio built in, and the answer to that is that it really does have a way to listen to many different radio stations and most don't realize it. There are alot of really cool radio apps, shoutcast, pandora, aol radio, etc. You just click and open it and choose your radio stations. You can listen to different music genre's, or even pull in local talk radio from many different areas of the country. I use these apps often, simply because I like 24 hour sports radio and even talk radio, and I can select the sports radio out of most cities to hear their local broadcasts. For those that wonder why the iphone doesn't have radio, it does, you just have to run the app and select your stations. The surprising thing also is just how clear it is, for some reason I thought it might stop and go, but it streams uninterrupted without a problem even on a 3G connection.