Iphone location - how to show your exact map location.

Community Help: How to show your exact location on iphone map

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The iphone has a feature called "location service". This is a really cool feature of the iphone. You must first turn location service on. Go to the settings icon, then general, then touch the location services on section if it currently is not showing on. Once this is on, click the home button at the bottom to get back to your main iphone screen. Click the maps icon, then in the bottom left hand corner you see a tiny circular icon. Click this and it will pinpoint exactly where you are located on the map, it may take several seconds. If you are on wifi or a 3G service area, then obviously this will load MUCH faster. Otherwise if you are on the edge network it will be slower so it may take some time, but it should pinpoint your location on the map with incredible accuracy.