How do I know whether to buy Iphone or Ipad? What about Ipod Touch?.

Community Help: Should I get Iphone, Ipad, or Ipod Touch?

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Alot of people often ask the question should I get iphone or ipad or just get an ipod touch?. Let me explain the differences between the 3 of these to help you make your decision on which one you should get.

First off, an important point is that any music you have or any apps you want to run will work on all 3 of these. There are specific apps for ipad, but that just means they are customized for the larger screen, an iphone app will run just fine on an ipad but if not customized for ipad, then the app will be a smaller square in the center of your screen. The important point here is that all the apps in the appstore run on all 3 of these devices.

Should I get ipad, iphone or ipod touch?


First off let me explain to you why I would buy an ipad. Ipads are great for book reading, really good. They have a free app called ibooks and its fantastic for flipping through pages and bookmarking and really gives a real like reading experience for any books you buy or download in ibooks. Its great for not having stacks of paperbacks books laying around your house, and you could carry 1000's of books with you when traveling in a very thin and light ipad. Ipads are great for movie watching also, you can use netflix or rent movies in itunes or just watch youtube, the bigger screen is a huge advantage over any phone. If your primary thing you want to do is read books, watch movies, read college books, or browse the internet on web browser, then I would get ipad. Another important thing is that there is no monthly fee or cost like a phone plan has. There is also a big advantage that you can activate a monthly plan right on the ipad itself and do it for just 1 month without any contract. This is important when traveling as maybe you need access somewhere because you dont have wifi, and can instantly get it, and do so without a monthly contract. For example, I activated mine one time because a hotel where I was staying wanted $12 to use their wifi, so I activated it on the ipad instead for 1 month as that gave me access everywhere the entire time I was traveling rather then give it to the hotel for just wifi only.

If you need a phone and your primary objective is to always have it in your pocket where ever you go, then iphone should be your choice. Obviously this requires a cellphone monthly plan, but if you need to make phone calls then it makes sense you have to pay it of course. The big advantage here is that the iphone fits great in your pocket, and you always have it where ever you are, and whether wifi is available or not, you always have access via celltowers. Some things like turn by turn instructions with maps when out on the highway can only be done with iphone, so there are major advantages here. You have access not only to imessage but also to SMS message anyone anywhere.

For ipod touch, this is a great thing if your goal is to always have it in your pocket, but do not need a phone and do not want to pay the monthly contract costs. Ipod touch is basically like an iphone, you have camera and access to all the same apps via Apple's appstore, they all run fine on ipod touch or iphone as I stated earlier. You do get some ability to contact others as it can use wifi so you can use imessage free, no monthly payments needed. If you dont have wifi access then obviously you cant send imessages or use facetime, so its like an iphone but with limited ability compared to a phone, but yet great for those that want this without the monthly payments. I think this is a great option for younger kids that gives them an option to keep in touch with friends without a montly plan that parents have to pay for. They can use facebook and instagram, and all other apps as long as they are on wifi. There are also parental controls on all these which some parents prefer to use.