Imsg - Will Imsg show on account as text message.

Community Help: Imessage vs Text Message - How it appears on your account

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Does Imsg on the iphone show up as a text message? In other words I'm wondering that if I send 1000 imessage texts to a friend and we both have an iphone, I know they don't count towards a text message plan, but can anyone viewing my message history on my account actually see the number of imessages that I sent?


The answer to this is no. When you send an imsg it actually is done outside of the normal SMS text message, and even though you send and receive just like a regular text message, it will not appear on your account as a text message. Imsg is one of the great things on the iphone, it allows people to use a cheaper text plan because for many they send most messages to just 3 or 4 people, and if those people are using an iphone then its nice knowing the messages are free. :)