International Imessage Text - Is there a cost when sending international?.

Community Help: Imessage Cost When Sending International Texts

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I often send imessages to my friends as I have a limited text plan on my iphone. Recently I have been sending text messages which are showing as blue (imessage is blue) to 2 friends overseas, one in England and anohter friend in India. Am I going to get charged for these because they are international text messages? Or is imessage free internationally also?


The answer to this is yes it's free, even if the text message is sent internationally there is no cost as long as it's an imessage. Make sure the receiver has imessage turned on in their iphone settings. Also make sure that you have the option turned OFF in your settings that says "send as SMS when imessage is unavailable". See below. That option means that if for some reason imessage is currently not available for some reason, it will automatically send as a normal text message. Turn that off as you would rather just get an error message back on your imessage instead of it sending automatically via text message where you would be charged. Imessages will always show with the blue background vs the green background on a normal text message. The box you type in will also say "imessage".