New iphone - How to charge battery when first used.

Community Help: How to first charge a new iphone

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How to charge a new iphone? What is the best way to make sure my iphone battery gets the most life out of it?


There are many cellphones out there today that require you to run the battery all the way down to 0%, otherwise it will start losing charge. This is definitely NOT the case with iphone batteries based on my experience, as you do not need to do that. Iphone batteries are some of the best when it comes to how you charge it, you can even "overcharge" the battery without any issue, as my iphone I plug in every night when I go to bed, and I never shut the phone off (I just flip the little switch in the corner that makes it silent). Even if I dont charge my iphone some night, it doesn't lose any battery power as it just goes dormant, if anything it would only drop 1% so turning the phone off when charging is something you do "not" have to do. What I would recommend based on what I have done, is when you first get your iphone charge it well up to 100% especially that first charge, or charge overnight. Normally then I charge it up again whenever it reaches 10% to 30% etc., and I often use the phone at home with it plugged in and charging also, something other phone users claim they cannot do. These are the things I have done with my iphone battery and have never had a problem even years later of following this pattern, iphone batteries seem to be some of the most flexible in how you charge, overcharge, etc., and really dont seem to be affected.