What to look for when buying used iphone.

Community Help: Checklist when buying iphone off craigslist

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Many people sell their old iphones, ipads, and ipods on craigslist. I have sold mine on there also. You have to be aware of scammers on craigslist also, far more so with an iphone then an ipad or ipod, as an iphone has many more things to check. You have to make sure its not stolen or water damaged or that it will activate when you want to setup a phone plan for your iphone. Here is a simple checklist on how I would go about buying a used iphone on craigslist.
First off, ask the seller for the serial number. (A scammer will already be concerned you are going to check this). Go to the apple page below I pasted here and enter the serial number. This will tell you warranty information and give you some information about the phone. Always check this! https://selfsolve.apple.com/GetWarranty.do

Next, check the apple recycling site to see what Apple will give you for the phone. This is probably less then the phone is actually worth of course, but tells you how much apple will give you for it for recycling and you might be surprised how much its worth. Even if your used phone doesn't work out, you may be able to get your money back from apple so its good to know! Don't tell the seller about it of course, you may be buying it for less then you can actually get for it. Just something worthwhile checking for sure: http://www.apple.com/recycling/

Third, check prices for your iphone, you can use this site or check other sites, there are many sites that do this but this will give you a ballpark idea what its worth: http://www.gazelle.com/iphone

If all these things check out, ask the seller for their phone number to ask them some questions. Why? A legitimate seller will have no problem giving you this. A scammer doesn't want their number given to you and will want to stick with email only. It just tells you what type of person you are dealing with. Then call or text them once you get their number (the main thing is they gave you their number) and ask them if the phone ever had water damage and if they are ok doing the cash transaction at the carrier so you check the phone out before you buy it. A reputable seller will be fine with that, and if you are this far then I'm sure the seller will say ok. If they refuse, you find someone else. There are sensors inside the phone that turn pink if water has been in it, and when you take it to the carrier at the time you purchase (final step below) they will check that its ok to activate and its fine.

Finally, ask the seller about battery life and if they have the box and charge chord, etc. Most likely a serious seller already has photos on craigslist of everything and if they have the box then its probably in the photo. If they have the box then its a good sign that its not stolen, etc, but not everyone keeps the box, just a good sign if they have it. If the phone is not full of scratches and marks then its a good sign they took care of it. Used phones are not perfect though, some wear and tear will always be there.

If the things above workout , I would meet at the carrier location and verify that everything with the phone is fine for activation. This is your best option to make sure you are not scammed. Any legitimate seller should not balk at this option, then have the cash there to pay them once ready.

As far as the negotiating for the item, I think its fine to offer 10% roughly less. Keep in mind they want to sell the item and they are probably already offering it at a discount since its used, and you want to buy the item so both of you want a good deal. Offering less may be an insult and they may have others inquiring also, and they may just cancel you out of the deal. When I sold my ipod, I sold it for $95 and it was in really good shape. I had alot of offers and I knew it was better then most others that were selling for a similiar price. I had emails offering $15 and $45, and I just deleted their emails and didn't give them a chance to counter offer. I sold it for $95, the same price I asked as it was already a good deal. Others were selling less quality for $110. The bottom line is I probably would have sold it to him if he offered $85, but not less, but it ended up being a good deal for both of us.