Iphone battery saving tips.

Community Help: Save battery power on iphone

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The iphone has one of the best batteries out there today, and somehow Apple has figured out how to make the battery better then others even though the battery is so much smaller and thinner then other batteries. (Comparable batteries are all much larger then the iphone battery). There are things you can do to help save even more battery power. I will show you some setups below to help conserve battery power on your iphone as everyone always wants more battery power regardless (More battery power is always good as if you are constantly texting for 2 hours straight then that will obviously drain any battery, so more is always better). First off, your screen is a big consumer of battery power, and if always using it then this is always on. In your settings, there is a "brightness" option. Tap that and turn down your screen brightness. You don't need it on max! See below. Here is where I have mine set to:

Next, turn location services off in your iphone settings, this will also help save battery. If you are traveling then turn it on, as you need this for maps and other things, but most dont need this on unless they are on the road.

One more thing, turn wifi off unless you are at home using it. When wifi is on, its always looking for a signal. Turn this off until you actually want it on where you know you are in a wifi area.

Are you using bluetooth? If not then turn it OFF. The bottom line is that you should turn off everything you are NOT using.