Can you overcharge an Iphone?.

Community Help: Overcharge an Iphone battery?

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I left my iphone plugged in overnight which means it would have been charging all night long even after it reached 100% Is it possible to overcharge an iphone?


I keep hearing people talk about this but I will tell from my experience what I have done. I have "always" plugged my iphone in overnight when I'm sleeping. I also never shut my iphone off, I just flip the little corner switch to make it mute when I sleep at night. Thats another myth I have heard is that people think you have to turn it off, you never have to shut off an iphone. I have done these things for years with my old iphone and even the new iphone I just bought, and I have never had a battery issue even once. So my answer is no, you cannot overcharge an iphone as my experience of doing that over and over says that it will not cause any problems even long term.