Backup your entire iphone.

Community Help: How to backup your entire iphone

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If I want to completely backup my iphone, meaning the entire iphone so I dont have to pick and choose, how do I do that? Should I use icloud or itunes?


Apple has made this much easier to backup your entire iphone and my recommendation is to do this in itunes, just because its faster if you have alot of videos, photos, and music along with all your apps and app settings and contacts, etc. Here is the pattern I follow:
If I want to just backup contacts (one of the most important items not to lose), then just turn on icloud in your iphone settings and tap backup, its that simple. You get 5 gig backup storage free (at the time this was written, that will probably go higher) which is more then enough for stuff like that. You can then just open your browser and go to and it will show you exactly what you have backed up .... in case you are wondering.
If you just want to copy and save all your photos and videos to free up extra space on your iphone, then you can backup these easily without even doing it in itunes. Follow this link to see everything about backing up photos and videos. Its easy to use windows explorer to just cut and paste bulk photos or bulk videos all at once.
To use itunes to backup everything on your iphone, see the screen capture below. You simply just select the backing options shown below in itunes.