Injured ribs - Bruised ribs or cracked rib.

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This may help others who have had injured ribs like I had, so here is the story that I went through and what I did that really helped. Whether bruised ribs, a cracked rib, or torn rib cartilage, it doesn't really matter as the pain is bad with all of them and the rib pain will feel similiar. You will have pain when inhaling, pain standing up or sitting down, or even pain when laying down in any position. My ribs got hurt when I was leaning and stretching out over an edge to pick something up so all my weight was on that one point for 3 or 4 seconds, and I suddenly felt a burning pain. I quickly stood up as I knew something bad happened. I knew it was hurt but I didn't think it was anything major at that moment and later when I worked out it became incredibly painful and sore, I couldn't sleep at all because I couldnt lay down in any position without my ribs hurting. Even inhaling was hard to do as I could only inhale about 75% without that rib area stretching and hurting. As I said I'm not sure if it was bruised ribs or torn cartilage or even a cracked rib, but the bottom line as any rib injury will be very painful and even when I tried to lay down it would be incredibly sore no matter what position I layed in. Even the process of standing up or sitting down was all painful. For about a week it seemed only 10% better at best, and I was always told a doctor would tell me 4 to 6 weeks for any rib injury. I never went to the doctor because I figured they can't do anything anyways with a rib injury other then tell you to rest and wait it out, but they probably could give you pain medication which could help. (Although if you took a big hit like a bike wreck or something like that, you should see a doctor to make sure a broken rib isn't causing damage. In my case going to the doctor didn't make sense because I didnt take a big hit like that to break something in that way). The most important thing I figured out on this, and it was a game changer .... I figured out that laying down was making it far worse because whether sleeping at night or just laying down in the afternoon the ribs where extremely sore for the next few hours after I got up. After 1 week I started sleeping sitting up (yeah I know its not a good nights sleep) and I never attempted to lay down, and after that first night my ribs were probably 15% better! It was tight when I got up that morning, but after that first half hour I could instantly tell my inhaling was far improved and I healed more that night then I did the previous week! For that next week I started sleeping in the recliner only and never laying down, and it was unbelievable, I probably got 15% better each day after that, and this is after not seeing any improvement hardly at all that first week while I was attempting to sleep laying down every night. I was almost 100% pain free at the end of that week, and I could tell instantly each day as it became less and less painful standing up and walking around and breathing. There is no doubt in my case that laying down was continually straining it or keeping the cartilage from healing, and like they say with any rib injury it takes a long time to heal because you can never actually rest them. Even inhaling puts stress on the ribs when injured like that. I think the bottom line is what ever feels like is stressing it the most, do not do it, and in my case it was laying down that was really hurting it and I cant stress enough the difference it made for me once I started sleeping sitting up. I also took Ibuprofen at night to help with pain as that is also anti inflamatory, so that is something you can take over the counter to help also. After 2 days of sleeping in recliner, I could full breaths pain free and could then put the recliner all the way back pain free and my sleep got much better that way also. Even though I felt like I could lay down again at the end of that week, I spent another week sleeping in the recliner just to make sure it was fully healed, and I was back jogging and working out again after that (although being carefull). Hopefully this information will help those of you that have similar rib injury or rib pain like the one I had.

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