How to prevent and get rid of ingrown toenails.

Community Help: Ingrown Toenail - My experience and what helped

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I have had ingrown toenails on both of my feet (both big toes). I also had it cut out on both toes and had it done 2 different ways, so I will pass along some of my information here as this will greatly help you if you have ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails happen when the corner of your toenail digs into the toe and cuts into it, causing this to be painfull and in some cases infected and red because the inside area is kept open from the ingrown toenail corner digging into the skin. In hindsight I think one of the biggest causes as to why I got it was my shoes were too narrow. I didnt realize it at that time or I would have changed the shoes, but I know now in hindsight that this was a big cause as it pushed into the side of my toe and kept pressure on it throughout the day. I had this for maybe 6 months before I finally went to a foot doctor to get it looked at. My toe was red and infected and when I went to the doctor, they ended up putting a couple shots in it to numb it, then cut out the inside toenail. The foot doctor actually burns the root so you can never get it again. This may have been one of the best things I have done and should have done it SOONER as you dont feel anything anyways once its numbed. I would recommend if you ever get this done, to not just get the nail cut out, but have them burn the root so that inner nail piece wont grow back out. This guarantees no ingrown nail can occur again! If you are going to go through that then you might as well fix it so it doesnt return. You can never get an ingrown toenail after this has been done because they make it so that inner ledge of the toenail wont grow back out. It will look the same also once healed, you cant really tell even looking at it but that inner ledge is gone.

One other piece of advice, later I got it again on the next foot, and I went elsewhere since I had moved. They actually dug in and cut out the inner ledge of the root rather then burn it like the foot doctor did and that was a MISTAKE. It was much more painfull for me the following week and much more swelling with a few stiches on the toe. Make SURE if you get yours done at a foot doctor and ask them if they burn the root with a chemical or how they do this. If they tell you they cut down into the toe and cut out the root and put a few stiches in, then dont do it there. Trust me, I have had it done both ways, and one was basically zero pain to recover while the other was multiple days of toe throbbing where you cant even sleep. Make sure you check this, I had no idea the doctors did it 2 different ways or I would have never gone to that doctor had I known it was going to be done different then my first ingrown toe nail. I'm not sure if it was because the foot doctor just knew alot more about it, or whether he was just a better doctor, but its important advice to know.