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Back when I was in college I took a course on studying, it basically was a study course that helped you prepare for college, and in hindsight looking back on my college experience I really think is was one of the of the key things that helped me through difficult college courses. Here are a few of the study tips I learned about how to study. Hopefully passing this information along to you will greatly help you make it through college or at least get a head start for you.

First off when you wonder what college is like, dont be surprised when you think that there will be days where you need to study 6 or 8 hours. That is not uncommon, you will definitely be forced to grow up quicker. It is far more difficult then high school which is basically nothing compared to that, and when I started college I was terrible at studying. You will quickly learn that no one cares whether you flunk out or not, so its up to you to become mature and disciplined and plan on putting the time in especially on tougher courses.

One of the first things they taught me about how to study was that on things you have trouble remembering, rhyme it with something or use an object to remember it. For example you might think the number 1 is flagpole, so you may remember flagpole more then the number 1, you get the idea. This can be applied many different ways. Use this method on those things you always have trouble remembering.

Second is you need to plan on getting away to study. What that means is if you are lazy and just want to sit in your room, then there is always someone that wants you to go get a beer with them, or go do something else. You need to get away, that means a study room or quiet area like the library where the phone is off and no one can bother you until you get back. This is actually critical as you dont want to waste time studying if you aren't learning or remembering, so get time away to maximize your time. You also need to get a schedule so that you spend time away daily. This could be the difference between you graduating or not graduating.

Third, this one is really important and helped me alot. The teachers have meeting hours to meet with you. USE it if you dont understand something especially on your major courses. I used to meet with math teachers repeatedly, I guarantee they knew who I was. I met with them in their office often to go over certain calculations that we covered in class daily, so check their meeting hours outside of class and use this if you dont understand something. This was a key thing for me which helped my studyin as I took good notes in their office, and I may not have gotten through some difficult math courses without the study class telling me to do this.

Finally, and maybe the most important, is that your brain remembers much better studying a little over a long time instead of alot all at once. This is a critical study habit you need to do. This means if you have a test upcoming and need to put in 12 hours of studying to prepare for it, never "cram" study the night before. This means dont put in 8 hours the night before. Instead, if your test is friday, study 4 hours each night Monday through Thursday, then maybe just a brief overview on friday before your test. It will really take the pressure off you and make you feel much better prepared for your exams.

Hopefully these study tips are something you can use in your college courses. Many dont know how to study and these will get you off to the right start.