Getting rid of Acne and Pimples.

Community Help: How to get rid of acne - Tips which worked for me

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When people are younger acne is a very common occurrance. These are some home remedy tips that I used for preventing acne and clearing up some of the acne I had, so hopefully passing this info along will help others. If you have severe acne or scarring then I would recommned going to a dermatologist. A dermatologist is a skin doctor and they are the doctors that know the most about skin problems.

These tips below are some of the best things that helped me get rid of acne. First off, your face gets oily when you sleep at night, I'm sure you are noticed this when you get up in the morning. Its important to wash your face before going to bed. Just use regular bar soap and rinse your face off before going to bed. Secondly, make sure your pillow case is clean as the oil will build on there, and sleeping on that will just add to your pimples and acne if you aren't washing your pillow case weekly! Dont overlook that. Third, wash your face first thing in the morning when you get up to get the oil off your face to start the day. Same thing, use soap on your face also to remove the oil. These things will get you off to a great start.

Finally, one other thing that will really help control pimples is to get a tube of clearasil (or any other completing product like it, but clearasil is a well known treatment and comes in a small tube). What I did with this was when I had a pimple on my face, I washed my face at night and then rubbed a little clearasil directly on it afterwards before going to bed. You just need a little and rub it in on it as it will dry it out as you sleep, and a tube of clearasil will last you a very long time. Just use it lightly directly on the pimple. You can also use a little on it in the morning and rub it in so it cant be seen as some of them come in tan color which looks lik the skin so no one can see it if you work a little in lightly. If your face is really oily, then its also fine to wash your face during the day also. These are methods I used anyways, and these greatly helped me get rid of acne and big pimples when I was younger. Hopefully this information will help you out also.