What causes green poop?.

Community Help: Green poop? What causes Green poop?

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I can tell you from my experience, I have never, ever had my poop change color and suddenly one day I noticed it was green colored. I am not talking about slightly green or a green shade, I mean GREEN! Of course I was panicing thinking something is very wrong, but I can tell you exactly why this had happened to me. I am not a doctor but I researched this on the net and read alot of msgboards and found out that I really don't need to worry as many people have had this happen, and its really easy to begin panicing about stuff like this. For me it was simply what I was eating, I started thinking about what I ate unusual the past day or two. 2 things jumped out at me, pears and both red and black licorice, neither of which I eat very often. I quit eating pears for a day and poop was still green, then I stopped eating the licorice for a day and it returned to its normal color. I'm not sure why the licorice caused the poop to turn green, but it did even though the licorice wasn't green colored. I also read alot on the net that said this can happen if you have excess bile excreted (which made me panic too but after reading about it that isn't really a bad thing either), or if you eat alot of things with food coloring in it this can also cause it. For me I just don't eat licorice anymore :-) The bottom line is I don't want anyone to panic from this as it should most likely go away in a few days and return to normal, for me it was about 1 full day or more after I stopped eating the licorice.