Spyware Risk? - Disable the Firefox Prefetch on Google.

Community Help: Firefox Prefetch Security Risk - Pages automatically open during Google search

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Are you aware that Firefox is setup so that the first website result in your Google search is always downloaded and opened on your pc whether you want it to or not? The idea is to make it faster since you might click the top links anyways from the search results, but if the webpages at the top contain spyware or adware installation pages and these take advantage of security flaws as many do today, then your pc can be infected even though you have never actually clicked to visit that website!

You can disable firefox prefetching by doing the following:

In the browser URL box, type in about:config and hit enter. Next, look for the entry that shows network.prefetch-next and double click that line to see it switch to false. This will turn it off, so the site won't actually be opened on your computer unless you CHOOSE to go to that page.

Don't forget that cookies can also be placed on your computer from that website, even though you never went there!