What is the cost to replace garbage disposal.

Community Help: How Much Does A Plumber Charge To Replace Garbage Disposal

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I had to call a plumber to replace a garbage disposal which was pouring water out under my sink. I called a roto rooter which is a chain of plumbers, so you may find that a local plumber is cheaper, but roto rooter ended up charging me $220 to install a new garbage disposal. Note also that this does not include the cost of the garbage disposal, I bought one at home depot for around $80 and then had the plumber put it in, it's probably best to buy your own rather then have them charge you the cost of a garbage disposal. A higher horsepower garbage disposal will cost more, but there isn't a reason to have that. The roto rooter plumber also told me that it doesn't matter which one you get, because they will all garbage disposals will corode and wear through in around 6 years depending upon use, and that also includes the new stainless steel garbage disposal units, and those cost 3 times as much and aren't worth it. I got this information from the plumber so he would know best. So my total cost ended up being around $300. You can of course change the garbage disposal yourself but I didn't care to mess with it so I just called a plumber to do it, Roto Rooter also does work 7 days a week so thats nice if you need to get it changed on a weekend or sunday. One other important thing! It's probably best to just get rid of your garbage disposal and just have the plumber run the pipe it over to the other drain. The plumber even told me garbage disposals are a waste of time since you shouldn't be throwing garbage in your drain anyways. Had he told me this before I bought my garbage disposal unit, then I would have never put that in and just paid him to run the pipe over to the other pipe instead. The plumber told me that think they can throw anything in their drain because they have a garbage disposal, and all that does is eventually build up clogs. So if you want to have less maintenance then get rid of the garbage disposal all together or you will be calling a plumber in another 5 years anyways to change it again, and put the garbage where it belongs .... in the garbage, not the sink and drain.