Garage Door Maintenance and Lubricating.

Community Help: How To Lubricate Garage Door

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What is the best way to lubricate a garage door?


Garage doors are typically going to start squeaking and making noise, and its important to do garbage door mainenance. The good news is that there are a few simple tasks everyone can do which will help your garage door be far quieter, and there is also a few ways to lubricate your garage door which will greatly help it. (I would recommend a belt driven garage door as that is far quieter then a chain driven garage door, and the belt lasts a very long time, but thats a different topic :-)

For a lubricant, you can buy a "lithium based spray" or a "silicon based spray". Its important that you dont use oil lubricants, as these will collect dust and dirt over time. This will end up as "gunk" and will make the garage door perform far worse. Lithium spray lubricant will dry and create a slick coating. It is thicker then silicon lubricant and is the best option. In the "lithium vs silicon" debate, lithium is your best choice for garage doors, but silicon spray will also work good if you do not have lithium lubricant. You can purchase these anywhere, whether walmart, target, home depot, amazon, etc, as all these places sell different lubricating sprays. I also dont think it matters which brand you get, whether WD-40, Dupont, or 3M, as they all have their own brands of lithium lubricants or silicon lubricants. I recommend getting one with long spray nozel straw, so you can spray in cracks and crevices easily.

When spraying your garage door, spray all the moving joints. You will see metal joints on both sides of the door where the door bends. Spray these joints as you are opening and closing the door so it gets into the joint. You should also spray the spring running across the top of the garage door.