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Rocket jumping is probably more important in Quake then Doom3, since the maps in Quake seem to have more opportunities and more escape routes via use of rocket jump. Many maps that were so heavily guarded in Quake could be beaten by use or the RJ. Many CTF matches I played in ended 1-0 where I was the only one to cap it, especially in those maps that were swamped with people and virtually impossible to get out of the base. For example you can escape a danger area by rocket jumping 20 feet up to a different ledge, etc. To rocket jump, simply jump, look down and fire the rocket at the ground immediately. You can use scripts, but that is not nearly as good since I can rocket jump and control the height. For example someone chasing me uses their script to jump 20 feet up, but since the ledge was only 5 feet I can do a controlled rocket jump and be 20 feet ahead of them by the time they land. It takes a while to learn the technique, but it is invalueable and gives you a major advantage over the script jumpers. (Quake 3 arena had many escape routes perfect for rocket jumping, some had low ceilings and if you used a script you would hit this ceiling and either fail or get slowed down alot, while I could simply control my rocket jump and be out of site before the chaser knew what happened!). You can even rocket jump off side walls as you run, which I did not use alot but in specific maps where you could not get out of bases, this was a rocket jump technique that I could propel myself ahead of the crowd with!