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Community Help: Doom3 Hints - Newbies read this first!

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All those who are new to Doom3 and have attempted to play on the internet, this is a must read. There are several things you absolutely MUST know before you attemp to play on the internet against other people. Do not attempt to even play again until you know these things below, these are simple things you must understand.

First off, I see alot of newbies just "walking", and if you have your game setup to walk instead of run, everyone will be MUCH faster then you, and you have no chance. To get to this option, click mulitplayer, then choose "multiplayer settings", then make sure "always run" is set on. Dont attempt to play any game with this off. Once you play for a while, you can also adjust your mouse speed in the settings to get your movements quicker, to turn faster, etc. You can adjust as you go, once your eyes get used to the quicker speed, which will happen as you play for a while.

Next, some servers are setup so that you must get in "ready" mode before the game will start. If you are waiting for a game to start, and your screen says "warmup - you are not ready", then you MUST press F3 to get in ready mode. If you dont do this, you are holding up the game, and the others will vote and kick you out so that the game can start. If your screen just says "warmup", then you are good to go.

Dont attempt to attack anyone if you have just a pistol, you will be fragged in a hurry. If you have just a pistol, then RUN. You need to get a weapon before you can fight, so find one and learn where they are spawning on the map before you attempt to fight. When someone shoots a pistol at me, I instantly know its an easy frag and it draws attention to you, don't even fire, go find a weapon.

Dont get discouraged, most people will be faster as they have been playing for months or years. I will beat a newbie 100 out of 100 times. Most experienced players know the map inside and out, so they always have a good weapon. It will take you a few months to at least understand the maps a bit, these things take time. The more you play the better you will get, watch the good players play, you can learn alot from them.

When you see a vote (anyone can cast a vote on the menu by pressing escape first), you press F1 for yes or F2 for no. Press F2 to vote no if you don't agree with the vote. Don't just vote yes because someone is voting, many are sore losers and get frustrated and just want to vote out the good players. Note that you can also choose to specate, and click your mouse to watch someone play, you can learn what you have to do to play the game, especially by watching the good players.

Once you get better, you will also learn to watch your health rating at the bottom while you are playing. Pick up health to move this back to 100. If your health is between 1 and 15, do NOT fight anyone, you are very close to being fragged and even one partial hit will wipe you out. You will also notice that you are screaming louder the lower your health gets, so make sure your volume is on as this helps alot. Go find health before fighting again, once you learn the maps you will then know where all the health is, so you can quickly grab some and continue the fight.

One other thing is that you see alot of people jumping. Learn to jump as you run, you can run faster doing this and make yourself tougher to hit. If the opponent is shooting rockets, you can jump over his "splash damage" by jumping and being defensive in the fight. It may be confusing at first, but over a few months it will be a natural movement for you, you will get much better at it.

These tactics are also very good for the Quake games, like Quake 3 and Quake 4. They all use the same engine and the movements and fighting are very similiar!