Gaming Tips - Battlefield 2 - Dropping bombs in Battlefield 2 game.

Community Help: Battlefield 2 Gaming Tips - How to drops bombs from airplanes

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If you are wondering how to drop bombs from airplanes on Battlefield 2, the process is simple. You can switch weapons when you are in the airplane, the same way you switch weapons when you are on the ground. Be aware that each plane has different features so some may have more bombs or slightly different weapons then others. To release the bombs, simply switch to your 2nd weapon when you are in the airplane. By default this is your F key (or F1 and F2 keys), you can check your options screen to verify your setup or to change the keys used for this. Once you switch weapons, you will see your window change to indicate a bombing map, or a air to air fighting map where you can lock on to other planes or helicopters. When the bombing map shows, drop your bombs by pressing the right mouse key. This will actually release the bombs and you will see your weapons count in the right hand corner go to 0 to show they are gone! You can always reload your bombs again by hovering or flying over your base. With a little practice, you will be using the airplanes and dropping bombs in Battlefield 2 like a pro!