Gaming Tips - Battlefield 2 - Taking out tanks or other vehicles.

Community Help: Battlefield 2 Gaming Tips - Taking out tanks or artillery

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There are several tactics that will help you take out vehicles in Battlefield 2. First off you want to be the anti-tank person or special forces guy to be most successfull, as a support person obviously doesnt have the firepower for this. If you are anti-tank, simply switch to the anti-tank weapon, and do not shoot it in the front. You can take it out in the front, but its wasting your shots since the front is the hardest spot on the tank. Most likely it takes 3 shots to a fullly healthy tank in the Battlefield 2 game, so stay hidden so the tank doesnt see you! Also, shooting it in the back is most effective, but you may not always have that shot so a couple side shots can do alot of damage. The small jeeps (or buggy's) will be destroyed with one hit from this everytime, so its very effective on them.

If you are special forces, simply use the C4 to sneak up behind the tank, plant it (plant 2 quickly to guarantee destruction), then retreat quickly and detonate it! This is sure destruction on the tank. C4 is powerfull in Battlefield 2, planting on helicopters or planes before taking off will also wreak havoc.