Gaming Tips - Battlefield 2 - Using Special Forces.

Community Help: Battlefield 2 Gaming Tips - Special Forces

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In Battlefield 2, special forces can be a very fun option to choose. You can use C4 to blow up things, including people, tanks, or radar stations. To use C4, simply press your weapons switch key to the 3rd item, which is a square looking block in your hand, that is C4. When you press the fire key when holding that (left mouse), it simply sticks to whatever is in front of you (like a tank for example, or radar station), or it falls on the ground. To detonate, press your right mouse button and it will switch to a detonator in your hand, now left mouse press to explode the C4 that stuck somewhere. Make sure you backup before detonating or it will blow you up also! You get 5, so don't waste them! Stick 2 on any tank or vehicle to guarantee it will destroy them, be sure to run up quickly and stick it on the tank, as they will be looking for you! It also works great to blow up the radar and uav on the other teams base, this is critical and really helps your team as that takes away the other teams ability to point out where people are located and to see where the commander wants to drop artillery strikes. This can really help your team out so if you have C4, take these out if you have a chance too. You can also plant C4 on heavily traveled paths, then quietly hide and wait for a tank or vehicle to drive over it, and then detonate! Special forces is one of the funnest options to choose in the Battlefield games, and this is true with Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, and Battlefied 2042.