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Community Help: Battlefield 2 Gaming Tips - How To Identify Score - Who Is Winning?

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Battlefield 2 has one major goal, and that is to make your opponents "tickets" reach 0 before your numbers reach 0. If you press the tab button while you are playing, you will see the 2 scores (one blue and one red), in the upper right hand corner of your computer screen. By controlling more and more of the bases, you can make your opponents tickets drop to 0 faster and faster. So the bottom line is, get your flags raised in the bases and keep them raised! Nothing is more irritating in Battlefield 2 then having teammates who are in the base but not close enough to the flag to raise it, as it does not help your team if you just stand around. The same goes with those who stand around the base waiting for an airplane, but standing around you are wasting time and forcing your team to play short handed, so go help raise and lower base flags.