Gaming Tips - Battlefield 2 - Being a Medic.

Community Help: Battlefield 2 Gaming Tips - Medics

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In Battlefield 2, medics can be a very fun option to play. Even if you are not taking anyone out, you can gain points by either throwing down your medic bags for others to pick up, or by reviving people on your team that have been shot. Medic is very important when capturing flags, lets say you and two others are capturing a flag, and a bomb blows up 2 of your teammates before the flag is captured. Hurry up and revive the 2 of them, as the flag will raise faster with more people, and they will gain points by getting flag captures, not to mention your points you get for reviving them. Be carefull throwing down medic bags, as other teams can pick them up also. Don't throw them down if many fighters from the opposing team is in the area and its their flag, instead you can heal your own teammates just by holding a medic bag and standing close to them without actually throwing it down. The medics weapon is also a very good long range weapon if you unlock the 2nd weapon. Its brutal in up close fighting though, and it never fails that the minute you choose medic over special forces, a tank will slowly roll right by you and there is nothing much you can do :-)