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I have tried many of the free email services available, and this is my overall review of which ones are best and which ones are worst. I have judged them mostly on a few major email categories: User interface and feel and spam protection and accuracy since so much spam arrives in email today. There are other email features of course, but these 3 are the bulk of what most would look for in a good free email service provider. As far as reliability goes, I left this option out as the major email providers are all very reliable and accessible at all times.

Lets start with the top 2: AOL Mail and Yahoo Mail. Both of these are at the top. Also keep in mind I'm referring to AOL's browser web email, not their client email. Both AOL and Yahoo are fabulous in my opinion. Both of them have a very good feel and very good interface, and both are actually extremely similiar in how their interface works, almost as if they copied each other. Both of them have spam protection that is outstanding, I would probably say AOL is the best spam protector I have seen, but Yahoo is also also good. AOL has a couple really good spam options that most email services don't have. You can set a list of "only these emails can send email to me", or you can create a list of "these emails cannot email me". So you can easily block a spammer, or if you want to make sure no spam comes through, then just create a list of friends and they are the only emails you will ever get. You can then add new people to the list as needed. It's really a great feature that I haven't seen other email services offer.

Next, I have started using and I am impressed with this email service. It's not as well known as AOL and Yahoo webmail, but it seems very good in the short time I have used it. I've gotten very little spam and their interface for sending and receiving email seems very good.

Next in line I put Gmail. Many are concerned about the targeted ads they do scanning your email with gmail, so thats negative and I actually feel like its a big negative. They are a close 2nd, I think they have a little catching up to do yet when compared to both Yahoo and AOL, but anymore most are all similiar. There are others like (which is the old Microsoft hotmail), Lycos Mail, and (which is you have ipad, ipod, iphone, etc, you probably already signed up for a free icloud ID which means you already have icloud email also if you want to use that). The final one I have used, and it easily ranks last, is hotmail. How did Microsoft go so wrong with this? Hotmail is terrible, I got SWAMPED with SPAM, I couldn't believe it. I can't even use the account because so much spam comes through on it. The crazy thing is I never gave anyone that email address, it wasn't like I was posting on newsgroups with it. I'm not sure if Microsoft sells their emails, or how so many spammers got a hold of that email address, but it amazes me that Microsoft has not cleaned up its act with free email, as I certainly figured they would be one of the best and I was completely wrong. Maybe they got better when they converted it to, I am not sure but hotmail was terrilbe.

The bottom line is ..... if you are looking for a free email service provider, stick with AOL Mail or Yahoo Mail, and you will not be disappointed.

One last important point is the best way to avoid spam is to signup for 2 different email IDs, one as your main email and the other as a garbage email. For example you can signup for a AOL webmail twice, but keep one just for friends or business use, and keep the secondary email just for stuff like online ordering or any signups for messageboards and forums etc (to confirm orders, confirm signups, etc, as many collect those for spam. You will only ever sign on to that secondary email when you order something or need to confirm something, otherwise all major things go through your main email. Its a great way to prevent spam because you don't really use the secondary email anyways).