Silver Perch Fish Photo.

Community Help: Silver Perch Photo

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These silver perch pictures shown below are close up pictures showing you exactly what a silver perch fish (often confused with sand trout) looks like. Silver perch dont grow very large and are often used as bait fish or cut up fish for this reason. They are caught in salt water or brine water, and are often quite small. These fish are often confused with sand trout or silver trout which look very similiar.

How to identify a silver perch? Some characteristics of the silver perch include small, normally under 8 inches, yellow color on tail or yellow on bottom fins, scales, tail "not" forked, and silver side color. (Always remember when releasing fish to get them back into the water as soon as possible and not over handling, so the fish do not die after being released. Just because the fish swims away does not mean it actually survived).