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These sheepshead fish photos shown below are close up pictures showing you exactly what a sheepshead fish looks like. Sheepshead, often called "sheephead" without the S, are caught in salt water or brine water, and are a favorite eating fish for many fishing anglers. Larger sheepshead often lose their stripes while the smaller sheepsheads have clear black stripes on them. These fish have very strong jaws and molar like teeth, you do not want to get your finger in their mouth as they are known to crush oyster shells and crush crab shells without much effort, and can crush and feed on barnacles off of structures. Sheepshead often feed on bait such as shrimp, fiddler crabs, barnacles, stone crabs, or any type of clam or oyster. Cut up fish or minnows may also work as sheepshead bait but that does not seem to work as well. Sheepshead are known as a very difficult fish to catch, as they are tough to hook and can crush a crab right off your hook before you realize it was even there. These are fun to catch just because it is quite challenging to catch them, they steal your bait frequently. This is a photo of a smaller sheepshead, and it shows the clear black stripes. Larger sheepshead in the 7 to 10 pound range have stripes that are far less visible.

Please remember to always following fishing regulations for catch and release, as it is important to release fish to help keep the population strong for the next time you go out fishing. Releasing larger fish that produce the most eggs is also critical, and remember when releasing fish that you handle them as little as possible, and get them back into the water as soon as you can.

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