Rock Sea Bass Photo.

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This rock sea bass fish photo shown below is a close up photo showing you exactly what a rock sea bass looks like. Rock sea bass are not well known by most fishing anglers, and are caught in salt water or brine water. They do not grow very large, usually under 1 foot but are very good eating. They have various colors including the orange tipped dorsal fin on top and yellow on the bottom fin, along with tints of blue below the gills. This sea bass has a pentagon shaped tail similiar to a black sea bass tail.

How to identify a rock sea bass fish? Some characteristics of the rock sea bass include various colors as stated, a black spot on the top dorsal fin in the center, and vertical black stripes. The pentagon shaped tail and varying orange and yellow colors on the fins are also common, along with blue or purple on the underside of the gills which is quite rare. (Always remember when releasing fish to get them back into the water as soon as possible and not over handle them, so the fish do not die after being released. Just because the fish swims away does not mean it actually survived. Maybe in the future when you are fishing it will bite your line again when its much larger!).