Redfish (red drum) Photo.

Community Help: Redfish Photo

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These redfish pictures shown below are close up pictures showing you exactly what a redfish fish looks like. Redfish, often called "reds", "red drum", or sometimes even "red bass", are caught in salt water or brine water, and are a favorite eating fish for many fishing anglers. Redfish have spots on them, normally just one, but sometimes up to 20 or 30.

How to identify a redfish? Some characteristics of the redfish include varying spots, sometimes many sometimes only 1 spot, scales, and varying color from red to gold to silver, rubbery mouth with "no" barbells or whiskers under chin. (Always remember when releasing fish to get them back into the water as soon as possible and not over handle them, so the fish do not die after being released. Just because the fish swims away does not mean it actually survived. Maybe in the future when you are fishing it will bite your line again when its much larger!).