Blowfish Fish Photo.

Community Help: Blowfish (Puffer fish) Photo

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These blowfish photos shown below are pictures of what a blowfish, also called a puffer fish, looks like. Blowfish are caught in salt water or brine water, and in general are known as a poisonous fish to eat. There are many types of blowfish and some restaurants are licensed to serve certain types of them, but they are specially trained to clean them and remove the poison sections, and Japan is a very popular place to find them served on the menu. These blowfish fish "puff up" with air as a defense mechanism to make them look too big for predators, and the photos below show both the puffed up blowfish and the regular photo before it fills up with air. Blowfish have very strong mouths and teeth, do not get your fingers anywhere near their mouth.

Please remember to always following fishing regulations for size limit and numbers, as it is important to release fish to help keep the population strong for the next time you go out fishing. Remember when releasing fish that you should handle them as little as possible, and get them back into the water as soon as you can so they dont die later.