Eyes and Light Sensitivity - Bright Lights Outside.

Community Help: Eyes are sensitive to light

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For about a year or more my eyes were getting really sensitive to light and especially when I went outside and was in the sunlight. Some days were really bad, I went outside and always had to wear sunglasses because it was so bright I had to squint all the time. After having this light sensitivity for a few years, I finally went to an eye doctor (opthamologist) to get it checked out. It turns out I should have went to the eye doctor much sooner. It was actually an eye infection (the opthamologist called it conjunctivitis or a form of that). He actually gave me a steroid to treat it, and the reaction was amazing. Within 3 hours the light sensitivity was completely gone. Make sure you get input from your opthamologist on this though, as steroids can be bad for the eyes based on what he told me. But I really waited way to long to go, I should have gone sooner as he said I had some "corneal scarring" along with it, which doesn't sound good but its under control now and the light sensitivity has been gone. I also had really dry eyes with the light sensitivity, so that should have been a wake up call for me that I needed to see an opthamologist. medical or health related advice).