Dry eyes when waking up.

Community Help: Dry eyes in the morning

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I need to post this about the dry eyes I had as hopefully this same information can help others. I had really dry eyes that caused me to put drops in them constantly, and go to the eye doctor constantly. It was especially dry when I woke up first thing in the morning, I could hardly open my eyes because if felt like ZERO moisture in them. I went to the eye doctor many times and one thing he told me that I think really helped. I was using the artificial tears drops for wetting my eyes daily, and he told me to not use the cheap bottle that has preservatives in it (in other words the reusable artificial tears that lasts you a month or so). He said thats ok for a few uses but if you are using it daily like I was, that the preservatives in that are BAD for your eyes. So I started using the preservative free drops, those are the ones that are in individual containers, so each little container has a few drops in it only. They cost a little more but I was really glad the doctor told me this as I had no idea about that (although it makes sense when you think about it). The individual containers each has 5 or 6 drops in them so I usually capped it and used it a couple times in a day (even though it said throw it away once opened), then the next day I would open a new one. Once I made this switch my dry eyes went away in about 4-5 months, they are still dry but not anywhere CLOSE to what it was before. Some days I don't even use drops anymore, but I only ever use the preservative free artificial tears, not the other stuff. The other thing that I think really helped was I started putting 1 container next to my pillow, and immediately upon waking up I put the drops in. This lubricated the eyes and I noticed the day was sooooo much better when I did this immediately. I'm not sure if the extreme dryness of the eyes got more irritated when I was blinking in the morning because they were so dry, and putting the tears in helped changed that, but I can assure you that it helped alot putting those drops in first thing in the morning. I noticed a difference immediately, and I think doing that and switching to the correct drops were really the key to helping get rid of the dry eyes I had. This information may be really good for others that have the same dry eye syndrome. The other thing the doctor told me is, make sure you never use the red eye stuff, when using drops daily like this you need to make sure they are the preservative free artificial tears, the ones that say on the box that you can use as often as needed.