Jaw Swelling - Under Ear Swelling.

Community Help: Jaw swells when I eat - How I got rid of it

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I ended up going to an ENT doctor (ear nose and throat doctor) because my jaw swelled up under my ear. Really wierd, only on one side of my face but it swelled immediately as soon as I started eating something. Just so you know if you have this problem an ear nose and throat doctor is what you need to see, don't go to a standard doctor like a walk in clinic because they aren't specialized enough to look at this. The ENT doctor told me that it wasn't blocked, he said the saliva it building up in glands in the back of my jaw, so when I eat it immediately swells because it can't flow out. He said sometimes it can be blocked but that wasn't the case with me, and said I wasn't hydrated enough. He told me to drink water, 8 glasses day and drink everytime you go by a water fountain etc. He also had me massage it with a heat pad daily. I really didn't think it would help but after about 5 days of drinking water and running to the bathroom constantly, IT WORKED. Sometimes you may get a small piece of blockage in the gland and the doctor needs to check that, but in my case it was just dehydration and I now drink more water daily!