Electrician cost - Fixing lights and replacing a wire.

Community Help: How much does an electrician cost

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My lights upstairs all lost power, only the upstairs, the downstairs was fine and had power and lights. The whole house had power the night before, and I had no intentions of messing with electricity or the wiring, etc. I flipped the breaker switches and that did not fix it, the lights upstairs only still wouldn't turn on. The electrician I called identified the problem in roughly 20 minutes. The electrician cost was $125 in case you are wondering what the electrician costs were. It will basically always cost this as a minimum for a house call. It was a burnt out wire in the back of the breaker box, behind the panels, you couldn't see it unless you removed the breaker box. Once he removed the bad wire by cutting off the black part, which was only 2 inches, everything was back to normal.

I would not do this myself though unless you know alot about electricity, alot of metal and wires behind the breaker box and I personally would not mess with this, so I preferred to leave this to an electrician to mess with. The good thing is only a few inches was bad and it was a simple fix, it was just finding it and knowing that you could trim that off and reconnect it. The total cost was $125 dollars.