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First off, I'm not a doctor but I want to share my experience with hope that it will help others. After getting treated for conjunctivitis I continually had to be prescribed for "Zaditor" due to my dry and itching eyes. This continued for about a year. Today, I haven't used "Zaditor" again in over a year, and hopefully this can help you also. I noticed my eyes were extremely dry in the morning when I woke up, even if I took an afternoon nap my eyes would be dry when I woke up. I set a bottle of artificial tears next to my pillow and put drops in each eye immediately when I woke up (it felt great), and noticed my eyes were far less "itchy" that day and did not need Zaditor. I begin to do this every morning, and this has helped dramatically. Even when my do itch some today, I put artificial tears in instead of Zaditor and it works, so I think the itching was more the dryness rather then anything the prescription drug Zaditor was doing to help. Hopefully if you try this it can help any chronic dry eyes or chronic itching you have in your eyes, as this has not only saved me the cost of buying Zaditor all the time but I figure anything I can do to keep from putting medication in my eyes every day is better yet. By the way my doctor told me this dry eyes would continue and he seemed to have alot of experience with this type of thing, but also said if the artificial tears are helping then continue using that. Just make sure you are using artificial tears (which is harmless and can be used as often as needed), and not visine or red eye treatment as those cannot be used everyday, so be sure and read the bottle to use the right thing.