Ipod song delete - See pictures on how to use Itunes to delete music.

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Here are the step by step instructions on deleting ipod music using the latest Itunes software. I have added pictures to make it easier to see how to remove songs. Note that this process has changed over the years, as ITunes has made changes to their settings and software, and new Ipods like the Nano, Iphone, and Shuffle have evolved. The process is really the same when it comes to removing music, no matter whether you are deleting songs from an Iphone or deleting from a shuffle or nano, the process is the same and the pictures below show you exactly what you need to do.

  • First off, attach your Ipod or Iphone and open ITunes. If you do not have ITunes software, simply download it and install it as its free. You need to have this installed to delete or add music, I assume you are beyond this point and already have your ITunes installed and song lists created.

  • Next, the picture below shows the songs on your computer. You have to select songs and create a list in ITunes, and below is my list. Note that "Music" is chosen on the left menu, not the "Owners Ipod" which is shown down below it. This means I am viewing the music playlist on my computer which simply shows my song list. At this point you are not looking at your Ipod songs yet.

  • Next, I click the "Owners Ipod", which now I am viewing my Ipod song list (as shown in the photo below). This is not the same as the "Music" option I had highlighted in the previous picture. The song list may be the same however, as if you ran the sync then your ITunes playlist matches you Ipod music list, however the bottom line is you need to know that the music option is your computer and the owners ipod option is your ipod. The Owners Ipod link appears only when your ipod is connected. It may also show your ipod name if you changed this name, but mine just says Owners Ipod.

  • Next, as shown below, I have scrolled down and highlighted "Journey - Lights", as this is the song I want to delete on the owners ipod.

    I now press the delete key on my keyboard, and as shown below ..... Journey - Lights is now deleted. You see it no longer shows in my songlist, and "Johnny Rivers - Poor Side of Town" is now the highlighted song as shown below.

  • It is that simple, the song is now deleted from my Ipod or Iphone! If I want to delete several songs, just hold down the CTRL key while you click songs with your mouse, and you will see multiple songs highlighted below. You see below I highlighted several songs from "Kelly Clarkson" and one song from "Judas Priest". If I press the delete key now, it would delete all those music songs that are highlighted.

    Do not forget also!! .... If you want the song removed from your Ipod then also remove it from your "Music" list first! Otherwise you might delete the Ipod song and then you simply resync your Ipod songlist again, and the Music list will put it back on your Iphone or Ipod, making it look like you never removed the song.

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