Data Roaming - What is data roaming on cellphone?.

Community Help: Data Roaming Explanation

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All cellphones have a data roaming option in the settings, and most have this on by default. On my iphone it comes with this feature off, so many probably dont even realize they have it as you typically will not use this. Many do not understand what exactly data roaming is or why they need this. Whether you use an iphone or any other type of phone, data roaming means the same thing as the type of phone has nothing to do with it. Basically your cellphone carrier, whether at&t, verizon, sprint, etc, all have their own networks. So when you make a phone call or send imessages or SMS messages, it always uses the network of your carrier so you are never charged extra because you have a plan with them. If you are traveling to a remote area or driving on the highway, its possible that you may not have access to your network although the majority of places are covered by the larger carriers. If your data roaming is set on, you may be able to only pick up a different carrier in your location, and in that case you will be charged more for your calling, texting, or data. What you want to do is turn data roaming off. Then you will only be using your carriers network. If you are traveling or in a remote area, and need to get a cell tower connection, then you can always go into your settings and turn data roaming on to try and pick up a signal, but in most cases you want this data roaming option off so its only used if you decide you need it.