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Community Help: How much does Crestor cost?

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Below is what I paid for Crestor and how much the insurance company paid of it. Be sure to always check a couple different pharmacies as not all pharmacies are the same! This includes Walgreens pharmacy, CVS pharmacy, and even Walmart pharmacy. Always check 2 or 3 as you may be suprised the difference in prices. It might vary some from city to city also, but I'm not sure on that part.

I recently bought a 30 day supply of Crestor at Walgreens
These pills were the 20 size (grams or milligrams, not sure, but it was 20).

1) Crestor cost out of my pocket = $19
2) Total Crestor cost charged to insurance company = $215

Also be aware that some of the new cholesterol medications like Simvustatin are around $20, FAR cheaper. I also read that Crestor comes off patent next year, which means you will be able to buy the generic version of Crestor for the first time, this will make it way cheaper when that happens.

Also note that my shoulder joints are sore when using Crestor, it takes a while for that to happen but its a problem with me as I lost shoulder joint flexibility and its painfull if I do things like put my arm behind my back. There are other cases of this that I see others saying the same, not only with Crestor but with other statins as well. Its something I need to talk to my doctor about because I stopped taking it and 2 weeks later now my shoulder joints feel about 90% better!