How does the paypal scam work on Craiglist?.

Community Help: Craigslist Scam Using Paypal - How it works

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You may have tried to sell an item on Craigslist, and may have gotten some strange emails that look fake. Its good that you think an email buyer may look fake, because there are many scams attempted not only on Craigslist, but on any site that is public over the internet. Many of the fake buyers are actually people in Nigeria, China, or Russia (no matter what they say) as these are major scam countries.

Here is an example of how many of them work. You may be selling a large item on Craigslist, like a car, piano, or guitar. The interested buyer says they will send a friend or shipper to pick it up, etc. They want your paypal account information so they can wire you the money for it. Sometimes they even ask you to delete your ad off Craigslist. You will then get an email confirmation (which is fake) but looks like a regular paypal confirmation, and it will also be overpaid. So if your item is $500, then may send you $800, etc, or any amount over what you are asking for. (At this point you can always just sign on to paypal and see that your transaction is pending, meaning they have NOT paid you). They then ask you to simply "wire" the extra money they paid to their friend or shipper (which actually you are wiring to them, not a friend or shipper). Then of course no one ever shows up and your money is long gone.