Cost of eye exam.

Community Help: How much does an eye exam cost

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After going in for a recent eye exam, this is the breakdown of the costs for it. This is for an eye exam to get new glasses, not an eye appointment or checkup where they dialate your pupils to check everything, etc., so its not that type of eye exam.
This was also an opthamologist which is also an optometrist (spelling?) so it might actually be cheaper to go to optometrist only, opthamologists are better trained and are the type that can also do laser surgery, antibiotic prescriptions, and all that other stuff.

The bill shows:
Intermediate exam $75
Intermediate exam $75

(Which I'm guessing thats each eye). There were some adjustments to lower the price of $20 and $14.34 which I'm not sure what those are, but then it shows total balance of $115.66. Thats basically the final cost, my insurance then covered part so my cost was $60.66.