How to convert ACC audio format to MP3 music formats.

Community Help: How to convert ACC files to MP3 files

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There are many ways to convert an ACC audio format into MP3 audio formats, but you do not really need any special software or converter software to convert to MP3. For those that do not know what these formats are, ACC is basically what the default ITunes format is and it was created by Apple. MP3 is an open format and both are simply audio files. Both are also very good quality files but many people prefer MP3 since its a wide open format while ACC is often locked down so it can only be copied so many times. Both ACC and MP3 can be copied and played on Ipods or in any media player on your computer. To convert ACC to MP3, open Itunes and click preferences. Look for "import" options (this can change on different versions of Itunes) and choose an encoding format (this is what you are converting your files to, so choose MP3 in that list). Click save or ok to exit that window. Then simply choose one or more songs in your Itunes list, you are almost done! :-) Finally on the advanced option there is a line that says convert or convert selection to, and this will convert ACC to MP3. (By the way its actually AAC, not ACC however many get this wrong! :-)