How To Convert Audio CD to MP3 Computer Files.

Community Help: Convert CD to MP3 - Steps for converting your audio CDs to MP3 files

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First off, converting your CDs to MP3 files is free, you do not need to purchase anything to make MP3 files from any audio CD. Most likely you already have Windows Media Player on your computer, this will work fine. You can also use a very popular and free product called Winamp, this will do the trick also and you can download the free version at Here is the instructions for ripping MP3 files from your audio CDs (its called ripping, same thing as converting to MP3). You can also rip your CDs to WMA format, I would recommend MP3 always as MP3 is an open format with no restrictions so its best to keep that for all your sound files rather then having some WMA and some MP3, etc.

First off, place your audio CD in your computer in the CD drive. Next, open WMP (Window Media Player) on your computer. It will be under start-programs-accessories-entertainment, or may even be on your desktop. On WMP, the first thing you need to do is to tell it which format to use when ripping CD to MP3, so click Tools - Options and then click the "rip music" tab. In the drop down box, choose "MP3". In the quality option, slide the bar until it shows "192 Kbps". 192 is considered CD quality, and its what I recommend. 128 will actually reduce your file size ALOT, and actually that still sounds great, you might not even be able to tell the difference listening to it, but I just choose 192 because that is considered CD quality sound, and it still gives you a fairly small file. If you want an example, an MP3 file that is ripped at 128 KBPS might be 4 meg in size, while 192 KBPS might be 6.5 meg in size. If you go over 300 KBPS then you might have 10 meg in size per song. Personally I have tried them all, I think its a waste going over 300 or even 256, because the size is so much larger but they sound the same to me. Go with 192 or 128, if you have plenty of space go 192, otherwise if you are short on space go with 128 (for example if copying to your Ipod later and you have a huge amount of songs taking up all the space). Ok, so now you know what the quality options are and basically what they mean in terms of size and quality. You can also choose the folder where your MP3 songs will be placed when ripped from the CD, I would create a new folder and select it to make it easier to find all your newly ripped songs. Now you are almost ready to create your songs, click OK to save your new settings and you will be viewing your WMP window. At the top, click the "Rip" tab, most likely your songs started playing automatically, you can just click the stop at the bottom if they are playing, but you will see all your songs on the WMP screen after clicking the rip tab. It will probably show "Track 1", "Track 2", etc., each one is a song on your CD. Now on the right hand side, you will see some options, one of which is "rip music". Just click "Rip music" and your audio CD will now create MP3 files from every song you have. It may take several minutes to complete. When it completes, go into your folder you chose earlier and you will see the MP3 files on your computer. You can also now take these and play them as often as you want on your computer, or copy them to your Ipod.