Sore and burning feeling on my eye.

Community Help: Eyes feel like they are burning

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I had that "burning sensation" feeling on my eye happing and my eye felt like it was sore to touch, almost like it was bruised so if I closed my eye and put pressure on it with my hand, my eye was tender and sore and felt like the side of the white area of the eye was burning. I ended up going to the eye doctor (optometrist or opthamologist, either can treat this). You can try using artificial tear drops which help sooth the eye, make sure they are the preservative free "use as often as needed" type of drops and not red eye treatment. The artificial tear eye drops that have preservatives are not good for the eye, and you may need to use them alot. If this isnt getting better you have to go to the eye doctor which is what I did. My opthamologist had to give me prescription medication to solve this, basically for me it was a form of conjunctivitis according to him, and that had to be treated with a tobradex or tobramycin which are both prescription only eye drops. The bottom line is if you have any discomfort or problem with your eyes, go see the opthamologist or whoever your eye doctor is as the eyes are too critical to not get checked out and get it resolved! Always contact your doctor or physician for any medical or health related advice but I'm just telling you what my treatment was and what I did.

I also had dry eyes leading up to this redness, and my eyes were very itchy for 2 weeks leading up to this, so my guess is it was getting worse and finally when they got red and sore then I had to do something to stop it. It wasnt sore when it was itchy so I didnt think to much of it until they started buring and got sore. Hopefully this information will help you.