Painfull Ribs After a Fall.

Community Help: Painfull ribs after falling down

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I just wanted to share my rib story.

I was standing on the top step at an underground station in London, just checking the line details, when a you man bumped into me, and made me lose my balance. I did fall, but on my way down, I hit the back of my ribs on the sharp edge of the metal rail. I was shocked and a little winded, my knee hurt and my hand where I'd tried to save myself. After a while, I began to recover, and decided that although it hurt when I change direction, while I was holding myself straight I was OK to walk. I then walked on and off for the next 3-4 hours, with only sharp stabs of pain if I went off center. When I arrived home, my husband checked each of my back ribs to see if they were smooth, and symmetrical..they were. He thought it was a cartledge problem and that time would heal. I thought so too. When I went to bed, I didn't feel any discomfort while I was lying down, and not twisting, either on my side, or my back. Now a week later, I still have stabbing pain if I change the uprightness of my make me call out involuntarily. I have no bruising. I'm now wondering what I can do to hasten the healing. I have one ibuprofen most nights, and find they help also until lunchtime the next day. Now it's a week later and the pain's the same. Any suggestions anyone?

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