ASRA Error - Mainframe abends.

Community Help: ASRA - CICS Abend - What causes and ASRA?

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There are many different types of errors and many different error codes that CICS will throw at you. An ASRA is a well known mainframe CICS abend that can occur if your code does not handle specific code situations. For example the definition will explain this as a CICS interrupt code, but basically it is an error that was not handled. This could be an 0C7 error (S0C7) or it could fall into other error conditions like S0C4 or even S0C1 (note those are zeros, not SOC7 or SOC4). More often then not it is a data related crash, usually you can search the program for numeric related moves or possible non numeric data being moved to numeric fields, division by zero, or other odd scenario's that may not have been handled properly. It really depends on the type of coding you are doing and what the business logic is being done. You may need to dig through and debug the code to find what is causing this. Searching through the program dump is a good way to also find this error.

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