Aldara skin cream for basil cell skin cancer.

Community Help: Aldara cream that the doctor prescribed for me

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The dermatologist doctor prescribed me Aldara skin cream (it is also called imiquimod, but thats just because imiquimod is the main active ingredient in the aldara cream). They prescribe this for keratosis (however you say it) or basil cells, as long as they find them early enough. They also sometimes do a biopsy which proves it is basil cell skin cancer and then prescribe the cream. They told me to use it 5 times a week for 6 weeks, so I used it 5 straight days, once a day, then skipped weekends. Basically you will get a scab there and I had to wait for the scab to fall off and then started the aldara back on there again. This skin cream is also expensive, I pad 656 retail at walgreens but insurance picked up alot of the cost. Also one little packet last through several uses as my basil cells were really small, so I have most of the box with little packets unused. In case I need it again sometime in the future if the dermatologist prescribes it again, then I'll already have it. This is what the dermatologist prescribed me anyways, hopefully this info helps others out but always check with your doctor. Sometimes they actually freeze it off with liquid nitrogen if the basil cell or keratosis is found early enough, I prefer that as that gets it overwith as using the aldara skin cream for 6 WEEKS seems to take forever to get it overwith. Always check with your doctor or dermatologist if you have questions though as your situation may not be the same as mine was.