Alcortin A for a Skin Rash.

Community Help: Alcortin A and Skin Rash - What the dermatologist doctor told me

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The dermatologist doctor prescribed me Alcortin A skin cream (it's a green colored watery cream) for a skin rash I had. Alcortin A burns when you put it on, just for about 10 seconds, at least if it is a sensitive area of the skin like mine was. I was prescribed to use the cream on a skin rash (the skin rash was in my crotch area, I actually had to put the alcortin on my scrotum skin and work it in). The Alcortin worked really well for me, within a few days the pink skin turned back to normal color and the itching that was occurring was gone. I guess it is an anti inflammatory cream and my doctor told me the burning was normal. The burning actually felt really good to me because of the itchy skin and rash, it itched so bad that the burn felt good. It costs alot, I paid around 85 dollars and thats with my insurance covering it. Alcortin comes in small individual packages and its really a runny, watery cream, so one package can be used about 4 times if you don't waste it. I made it last as long as possible because I now had enough for another couple weeks in case the rash or itching scrotum skin returned or in case my doctor prescribed another treatment. The dermatologist told me that for my use I should use it 2 weeks straight and use it twice a day, this stuff really works well for me. The skin still kind of itches now that I'm no longer using it, but has never returned to the level it was once at, if it gets worse I will go talk to my dermatologist again or just use another treatment of the alcortin, but I will probably call my dermatologist to confirm this is ok to use the alcortin on the skin again. (Note: Always contact your doctor or physician for any medical or health related advice).

This is an update I'm sending from a year later on itchy skin and the alcortin A skin cream. Here is something else you can try as this worked for me. When my skin is itching, it turns a pink color and the texture on the skin gets inflamed. I realize now its normally when I get done jogging that later after that it starts itching again and do NOT scratch it. Scratching it feels great but will inflame it and the itching will then continue. I'm not sure if its the salt or sweat that is triggering this to start up again, but shower IMMEDIATELY after jogging as I noticed this now helps also. Get the salt and sweat off or maybe even its the bacteria from sweating, I'm not sure. The other thing is before going to bed at night, rub aloe vera gel on it (get the 100% aloe vera with no coloring or chemicals) and this has helped me alot. I did that for a week straight and the skin returned to normal color and it helps stop the itching when sleeping!